• Initial High-level Feasibility Studies
  • Establishing relationships between developers, investors, fund managers and financial institutions
  • Pre-Qualification – Design Offices (Architectural, Landscape, etc)
  • Contract Development & Award of design Offices
  • Pre-Qualification – Contractors
  • Contract Development (FIDIC Contracts) & Award to contractors
  • Project/Construction Management
  • Procurement Management/Material Procurement
  • Project Handover


Our portfolio encompasses different sectors and we have applied our expertise in:

  • Infra-structure Projects
  • Residential Projects
  •     Villas     
  •     Towers    
  •     Labor Camps 
  •     Serviced Apartment Buildings   
  • Commercial
  •     Office Towers 
  •     Hotels   
  •     Office Fit-out  
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In our effort to be the sole one-stop-shop service provider for our clients through identifying their strategic options to reach the goals they are looking for. Our team has managed most of our project in the full spectrum of a programme management approach.

Our full spectrum programme management approach can start at the business case level for a project then move to the development of the project framework, contracts development, to design management, cover procurements to construction management and final project delivery.

By providing our clients a full programme management our expertise leadership is enhanced from the start of a project, hence we give our clients the level of confidence and assurance they require. Our programme delivery methodologies are robust, transparent, and cater to every project based on its scale and requirements to reach the optimal goals of our clients.

With our high network of designers, contractors and suppliers we can deliver to our clients the right design offices, the appropriate contractors, and the best suppliers that can deliver the quality of material for the right price at the right time. This approach allows us to assist our clients to stay on schedule and budget.


In our effort to satisfy our clients by enhancing the success of their projects Seyada LLC utilizes a full service procurement plan. With a full team of procurement professionals adds value in winning and delivering work and enhances profit through the acquisition of competitively-priced materials and services that comply with specifications and are delivered on time.

our procurement team pride themselves on establishing a protocol to acquire material and services that have the right price, can be delivered at the right time, while meeting the right quality for a projects’ scope.

By ensuring the highest ethical standards for our procurements team we manage to deliver and satisfy our clients expectations while maintaining enhanced project deliverables.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Entertainment & Hospitality


Specialized in Real Estate Development Management


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