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Seyada LLC is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Private sector Programme/Project Management companies. Even though established in early 2008, Seyada managed with its use of best-in-class practices to become one of the most sought after Project Management companies in the Saudi private sector. With the highest number of awarded approved closed ended funds in Saudi Arabia under our management proves the professionalism that we provide.

We pride ourselves that we entered the real-estate market at one of its most difficult times globally and managed to become one of the most successful in the market we operate in. we are still a small company compared to many other Programme/Project Management companies never the less we are proud that we have managed despite our size to influence in raising the standard of the local private-sector construction market when it comes to following FIDIC contracts and best-in-class standards.

From our initial stages we at Seyada have viewed clients’ projects as our own. With this concept in mind, the clients’ best interest became the driving force for the company’s success; hence, we started looking to all stakeholders’ interests in all our projects, which resulted in better deliverable to our clients directly and finally to their end-users satisfaction.

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